home London :   We went to home for the first time on new years eve 2000.  First impressions of the club were  that  a lot of effort had been put into the club and the looks of the club were superb, the  atmosphere, given the fact that it was new years eve was wicked even before entering the club. once inside  the club we were greeted with a champagne reception (nice touch) and nice looking women (most of which seemed to be aussies).

To be completely honest, the only acts that really stuck in my head were the dope  smugglaz, who i must say played a blinding set, and all respect to anyone that can drop a clash tune into a pumping house set.  john digweed who was  his normal brilliant self and had the crowd begging for more even though his set finish a 6 a.m.  And  finally Paul  Oakenfold who started his set at the ridiculous time of 6 a.m.  I've  heard of saving the best for last, but this just took the piss, i was bloody shattered, as were most of the crowd who had been anxiously awaiting this moment.

Bedrock Brighton:  This happens on the first Friday of every month at the beach club on  Brighton seafront.  the resident DJ's are Danny Howells and none other than the legendary John  Digweed.  he played a five hour set as only he knows how, keeping the crowd moving all night.  The atmosphere is amazing and all the people are up for it.  The thing that made the night in my point of view is that the emphasis was not only on the music, the club was very  dark and a good light show was provide along with projections of very strange things indeed.  i would recommend it to anyone, but be warned, it is very hot, and it 's full of sweaty bodies!!!!

Renaissance @ flaming colossus Leicester: This event was quite a while back whilst I was at uni, the resident dj was jfk, who i am surprised has not made it big big yet.  the night was mainly progressive house stemming into a more  trancy feel towards the end, the place was rammed and the crowd went mental at every build-up and every breakdown  which made for a wicked night, it seems that the northerners really  know how to have a good party, the way the club  is  layed out is inspirational with roman-like columns shooting up left, right and center, and a few steps leading to the dj booth and two massive walls of speakers.  upstairs is a more loungey feel , with the  cliché leopard skin sofas,  playing a mix of funky house, and chilled beats.   i rate this  as a top night out in Leicester, if your near there check it out!